About Us

3223Flowcon, Inc. is the offspring of the union of Chris Medlin dba as Flocon, and Paul Billings and Mark Smith. Chris and his wife Kathy have taken the huge leap of faith that is giving up Flocon to lead 3/20 Ministries full time. Obviously it was not an easy decision, but we know their mission will be just as successful as their business has been. We are grateful that Chris has agreed to continue helping us as he does not want to waste his 17 years of “being in the trenches” experience. If you would like to stay in touch with Chris his e-mail address is h2oigo@frontier.com and their website is www.3-20.org.

We are a specialty subcontractor performing valve insertions, line stops and wet taps in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Virginia and South Carolina. Mark and I are recovering utility contractors. I began digging ditches in 1973 at Billings and Garrett, and Mark began digging in 1977 and has also been digging ever since. We have over 70 combined years between us and understand your needs as contractors and owners. While we may not have Chris’ bubbly personality, we do share his desire to do good work in a timely fashion.